Chapter 14 – Calm & Chaos


The argument between Waseem and Aasia that happened weeks earlier soon fell away, and was forgotten as everyone returned to campus. And alongside the return of lectures was the return of the everyday banter the duo enjoyed.

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Chapter 10 – The Job Offer


“But that puzzle piece doesn’t fit. Lets try another one.” Amaan said as he reached over for a small piece of colourful cardboard. “There we go! See, this piece fits properly.”

Hasana studied the half-made puzzle and squinted. She couldn’t quite figure out what they were making and Uncle Amaan had hid the box from her. “Can I at least get a hint, please?” She asked, flashing him a smile.

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Chapter 9 – Importance of Ohana


When Aasia and Waseem graduated, they had a plan. A well though out career plan, filled with objectives and deadlines and goals. Waseem would use his visual arts degree and Aasia would use her journalism degree to start up their very own media company. Of course, even they knew they had to gain experience elsewhere before attempting to create their own company. And so that is exactly what they did the moment they graduated.

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Chapter 8 – Pain, Loss & Moving On


Losing something is hard. Losing something you love is harder. But losing a spouse comes with a loss that is immeasurable. It comes with a void like no other. When the person you love suddenly departs from this world, you find yourself floundering, sinking to the depths of your sadness. You find your self chasing sleep, avoiding emotions and crying till you feel like there is nothing left inside of you to pour out.

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