Chapter 8 – Pain, Loss & Moving On


Losing something is hard. Losing something you love is harder. But losing a spouse comes with a loss that is immeasurable. It comes with a void like no other. When the person you love suddenly departs from this world, you find yourself floundering, sinking to the depths of your sadness. You find your self chasing sleep, avoiding emotions and crying till you feel like there is nothing left inside of you to pour out.

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Chapter 7 – Life & Death


“Daddy! Wake up! It’s time to go!”

Hasana pounced on her father, who was slowly but surely waking up and familiarising himself with his surroundings.

“Wha-” He began to say but was cut off by his hyperactive daughter.

“Get your clothes on! And your running shoes. We have to go! We’ll be late!”

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Chapter 2: Howard College

The year was 2003. The place was Howard College. The day was no ordinary day.

It was the beginning of a life changing journey. It was the first day of university. With her retro black and white backpack slung over her shoulders and her hands tucked firmly into the front pockets of her washed out blue jeans, Aasia Sami let out a shaky breath. Her heart was racing and her palms were sweaty as she surveyed the campus grounds, shocked at the amount of people gathered in front of her.

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