(n.) a person who works, acts or performs alone.
(adv.) on one’s own; alone or unaccompanied.
(v.) to perform or accomplish something by oneself.

Riding solo is never easy, especially when you’re raising a child. For single father Waseem Ahmed it’s a reality he faces every single day. When he’s not playing the role of South Africa’s favourite local videographer, he’s simply known as Dad to the centre of his universe, his eight year old daughter Hasana.

Life didn’t pan out the way Waseem expected it to, but for the most part he’s happy. He’s passionate about his work, he’s a single father and he’s got a support system for a family. But what happens when a once in a lifetime opportunity is offered to him, an opportunity that will force him to embark on a life changing journey.

Will he throw caution to the wind and accept?

Or will he give it up and live in regret?

It all comes down to one crucial question though: Is he capable of going solo?