Chapter 17 – Moving Out & Moving On


Running a hand over the small scar on his leg, which never did go away after his hiking mishap fourteen years ago, Waseem let out a long sigh and allowed himself a nostalgic moment. Thinking about how his entire life had been situated in one country, how all his memories were anchored to one place, he felt reassured that the choice he was making was the right one.

It had been a stressful procedure to get his and Hasana’s paperwork in order. It had taken a few months but now that everything was in order and the reality of what was about to happen set in, Waseem started to feel a little nervous.

He could count on one hand the few times he felt nervous in his life. There was the hiking incident, where he was nervous his friends’ bandaging skills would give him an infection. There was the day he asked Aasia to marry him and he thought she would say no. The day Hasana was born brought out his nerves; he thought he would be a terrible father. And then there were the years following Aasia’s death, where he thought he would never be able to make it without her.

Yet, there he was, trying his very best to give Hasana a life that he and Aasia had never even dreamt of. A life in Canada. It still felt unreal to Waseem and his family, but now that most of his and Hasana’s belongings were packed into bags and boxes, reality set in.

Waseem looked around his room and sat on his now bare mattress. Just as he did, his mother walked in.

“You okay?”

He looked up and offered her a smile. “Just sad to be leaving home.”

Layla joined her son. “If you think you’re sad, you should see your father. I won’t be surprised if he gets on that plane with you!”

Waseem grinned and put an arm around his mother, kissing the top of her head. ” I really hope I’m doing the right thing.”

“You are. And if this doesn’t work out, you’ve always got us.”

In the past few months, the Ahmeds had definitely warmed up to the idea of Waseem’s life-changing job offer. They had all rallied together to support him and his new journey. Ishaaq too had pulled through and offered his support in any way it was needed. The only people who were hostile towards the move were the Samis.

Waseem had dreaded telling his in-laws, which was why he only told them when everything was finalised. Even then, they showed little support and encouragement towards their son-in-law.

“I think its an absolute waste of money and time to move to a place like Canada.” was Yusuf Sami’s parting words. “You will be miserable and back home before the end of the year.”

Waseem had suppressed an eye-roll as the grandparents bid farewell to Hasana. He swallowed his ego for the sake of his daughter. After all, regardless of who they were, Hasana had a right to know her grandparents.

Pushing the memory of the Sami’s out of his mind, Waseem readied himself for the airport. This was it, he thought to himself as he walked out his room, this was him moving out of his parent’s house and hopefully moving on with his life.

His father insisted on driving them to the airport, which in hindsight, was a bad idea because once it was time to say goodbye, Waseem’s father broke down. He and Hasana had a long emotional farewell while Waseem tried to smile politely at strangers who cast Mr Ahmed pitiful glances.

“Take care of yourself and of Hasana. We won’t be there anymore. Its now up to you to be both her mother and her father.” Layla advised as she hugged her son.

He didn’t have any words in response and so he just hugged his mother, wishing he could take her with. “Come Hasana, we have to go.”

With a final wave, the pair turned around and vanished into the crowd of travellers. It was at that moment that Waseem realised his daughter’s hand was trembling.

“Hey hey, don’t cry sweetheart,” he said, wiping her tears away. “You’ll see them soon, I promise. They can come visit us and we can visit them. It’s okay, it’s going to be okay”

At least that’s what he tried to convince his daughter of, that it would be okay. He hoped it would. He would hate for Hasana to be unhappy in Canada, and so he made a silent prayer that hopefully, everything would be worth it and everything would be okay.


Screenshot 2017-04-01 21.35.05

It. Has. Been. Ages. 

3 months and 25 days, roughly, since my last post. 

Honestly, I would have been gone a lot longer if it weren’t for my cousin telling me ‘People will think you died.’ 

So here is proof that I am not dead. 

I hope you all are having a wonderful Ramadan!

– Tasmiyah


P.S. I thought the Finding Nemo gif was so apt for the post #itsgoingtobeokay. 


4 thoughts on “Chapter 17 – Moving Out & Moving On

  1. zahra

    Yayyy, after so long. 🎉🙌🎊👏
    I hope everything settles once they get there and hasana is happy.
    loved this post 💕

    ps: i miss finding solace 😞

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