Chapter 12 – Le Fleurs


The trip to the valley of a thousand hills had not only affected Aasia, it had affected Waseem too. His outlook on life was different; he no longer took his parents for granted after truly understanding the relationship Aasia had with hers. He made an effort to repair the damage he had made during his teenage years

But that wasn’t the only change that occurred within Waseem.

There was also the issue of Aasia.

He didn’t dare tell mention that he was starting to see her a new way, a way that wasn’t all fist bumps and banter. Instead, he was beginning to see past her humour and her no nonsense attitude. He was beginning to see her heart and he wanted to win it over. He just wasn’t sure how he was going to go about it.

This was Aasia after all. She wasn’t just anybody. She was Waseem’s best friend, one of the top students in her programme, liked by all and to put simply, a pretty spectacular person all around.

So Waseem made a decision. He wouldn’t do anything, not for a while at least. The fear of messing up his friendship with Aasia was too great for him to act on impulse and so, he pushed aside his feelings.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and soon, the second semester of the year was over.

“Is it just me or did that term fly by?” Aasia asked as she and Waseem walked out of their last lecture for the day.

“Its just you man. Time has been such a drag.”

She rolled her eyes. “Maybe because you’re working and studying at the same time?”

It was true. Waseem’s family was going through a bit of a tight squeeze. He felt bad asking his parents for money, so he took it upon himself to get a job at a supermarket in his neighbourhood.

“I have to, Aasia. You know that.”

“No, you want to Waseem. Your parents didn’t make you work.”

This was an ongoing argument the pair got into ever since Waseem got a job. Aasia felt like it was affecting his education, and she only wanted what was best for him, but Waseem didn’t see it that way.

“Look Aasia, not all of us grew up in a crystal palace with a silver spoon in our mouth. When I need money for petrol or anything really, I can’t go running to my father like a princess. So would you quit riding me for my choice to get a job!”

Waseem didn’t mean to scream, but he was frustrated. He had bit his tongue time and time again, yet Aasia never stopped bringing it up. Now that he had voiced his opinions though, he wasn’t quite sure he had made the right decision.

“Wow, so thats what you really think of me, huh? A princess?” Aasia shook her head in disbelief. “Screw this. I’m just trying to look out for you because your grades are slipping, but if you want to throw your future away, go ahead! Be my guest!”

And with that, she stormed off towards the parking lot. Waseem would have followed, but running into Maya Sami was the last thing on his agenda. The woman scared him.

Feeling torn between his ego and heart, Waseem didn’t try to apologise to Aasia. Not that day, nor the day after. Or for the rest of the following week. They were on holiday and though Waseem’s group of friends had made plans to meet up, he didn’t go. He was working, and something told him that if he wasn’t going, Aasia wouldn’t either.

He knew she was going to be mad at him once university resumed. If Aasia knew one thing, she knew how to hold a grudge. So, finishing work early Waseem jumped into his car and made his way towards Aasia’s house, stopping at a roadside flower shop for a short pit stop.

It was three in the afternoon and both her parents worked. Waseem prayed that neither Maya or Yusuf would decide to come home early. Building up enough courage, he knocked on the front door of Aasia’s house. Seconds later, it opened.

With wide shocked eyes, she asked. “What do you want?”

“I wanted to say I’m sorry.” He retrieved the small arrangement of flowers from behind his back and handed it over. “I know you were only looking out for me. I’m sorry Aasia.”

She looked at the flowers, then at Waseem, then back at the flowers. “You bought me flowers?” She asked in a surprised tone.

“Er yes? Why, do you hate flowers or something?”

Aasia rolled her eyes and punched Waseem’s shoulder. “No idiot. I- just- No one has ever bought me flowers before.”

“Well thats because no one has ever called you a whole bunch of mean, nasty things.”

Aasia smiled. “Well, apology accepted. And I’m sorry too. Its your choice to work and I should respect that.”

“Apology accepted.” Waseem tucked his hands into the front pockets of his jacket. “I should be going. I don’t want your parents to see me here.”

Somehow, his statement made Aasia laugh.

“Oh you find that funny? Yeah yeah, laugh all you want.”

She smiled. “Thanks Waseem, for the flowers and for stopping by.”

He smiled and shot her a mini salute before getting into his car. The entire drive home, a ridiculous grin was plastered onto his face all because of Aasia.

All because of his best friend, Aasia.

Screenshot 2017-04-01 21.35.05

Hey guys!

So, I know I messed up the format of my blog.

I was meant to alternate between the present and the past and I forgot.

But I’m going to resume with that, so I hope you enjoyed this blast from the past.

Have a great week yall!



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8 thoughts on “Chapter 12 – Le Fleurs

  1. zahra

    Yo, I’m loving the whole past present thing 😃.
    I wish she never died tho. She sounds like such she has an awesome personality and she would’ve made a brilliant character. Hopefully we’ll get to know her from the past 🙌.

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